30 Nov 2009 18:41

Customs Union commission confirms special list of imports

MOSCOW. Nov 30 (Interfax) - The commission of the Eurasian Economic Community's Customs Union has confirmed a list of sensitive goods, the import duties on which must be approved unanimously.

The list, posted on the Customs Union's website, includes foodstuffs, alcohol products, clothes, domestic appliances and pharmaceutical goods.

A unanimous decision is required in relation to the imports of light petroleum products, black oil, liquefied gas, sulfur, petroleum coke, metal oxides and radioactive materials.

The list also has cars, high-speed railway carriages, tractors and gas meters.

In accordance with the rules, the Customs Union Commission has the right to pass decisions by two thirds of the votes.

If a decision fails to score the required number of votes the commission will have the right to refer the issue to the Customs Union's supreme body at the prime ministers' level.