2 Dec 2009 17:26

Russian consolidated budget deficit totals 949 bln rubles in 9 mths - Rosstat

MOSCOW. Dec 2 (Interfax) - Russia had a consolidated budget deficit of 948.9 billion rubles in January-September 2009 compared to a surplus of 3.437 trillion rubles recorded in the same period of 2008, the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) said.

Consolidated budget revenue, including state extra-budgetary funds, totaled 9.555 trillion rubles in January-September 2009, down from 12.1789 trillion rubles in the first nine months of 2008, while consolidated expenditures amounted to 10.503 trillion rubles, up from 8.742 trillion rubles.

Taxes and payments for social needs accounted for the largest share of tax revenue (16.3%) to the consolidated budget in the period at 1.724 trillion rubles.

Tax revenues to the consolidated budget in January-September included 1.5677 trillion rubles from foreign economic activities; 1.176 trillion rubles from personal income tax; 937 billion rubles from the corporate profit tax; 889.6 billion rubles from VAT on goods sold in Russia; 616.6 billion rubles from VAT on imports; 533 billion rubles from taxes on the use state or municipal property; 747.8 billion rubles from taxes, levies and regular payments for the use of natural resources; 423.9 billion rubles from property taxes; 240.9 billion rubles from excises on goods produced in Russia; and 13.1 billion rubles from excises on imported goods.

Consolidated budget expenditures in January-September included 5.58 trillion rubles on social and cultural programs; 1.8 trillion rubles on the national economy; 883.3 billion rubles on general government needs (including 184.6 billion rubles on servicing state and domestic debt); 837.6 billion rubles on national security and law enforcement; 757.7 billion rubles on national defense; and 616.4 billion rubles on the housing and public utilities sector.

Russia's federal budget deficit totaled 1.327 trillion rubles in the nine months compared to a surplus of 2.562 trillion rubles in the same period of 2008. Federal budget revenue fell to 5.114 trillion rubles in the eight months from 7.156 trillion rubles, while expenditures rose to 6.442 trillion rubles from 4.594 trillion rubles.