4 Dec 2009 12:59

China to develop third generation genome analyzers

Shanghai. December 4. INTERFAX-CHINA - The China Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Inspur Group Co. Ltd. will cooperate to develop third generation genome analyzers, state media reported on Dec. 4.

According to Chinanews.com.cn, the two parties established a joint laboratory in Beijing on Dec. 3 and expect to launch China's first domestically produced genome analyzer in the market within three years.

Currently, it takes about six years and costs between RMB 683,000 ($100,000) and RMB 2.05 million ($300,000) to sequence a single human genome using imported second generation genome analyzers. There are no third generation genome analyzers on the market as yet.

Domestic produced third generation genome analyzers are expected to take about 15 minutes to sequence one human genome, with the process priced between RMB 5,000 ($732.06) and RMB 6,000 ($878.47), the announcement said.

"This is the first project in the collaboration between CAS and Inspur Group. Our joint laboratory will also be engaged in developing other biotechnological informatics projects," Inspur Group's vice president Wang Endong said at the press conference held in Beijing on Dec. 3.

Inspur Group is currently a leading supplier of computing platforms and information technology application solutions in China and is also the largest server manufacturer and server solution supplier in China.