17 Dec 2009 18:21

Gas transportation tariff may rise 12.3% on average in 2010

MOSCOW. Dec 17 (Interfax) - The tariff Gazprom charges independent organizations to transport gas is scheduled to rise 12.3% in 2010, a source at the Federal Tariffs Service (FTS) told Interfax.

The FTS executive board will examine the issue at a meeting on Friday, the source said.

An increase of 12.3% would put the tariff for gas transportation to domestic customers at 41 rubles per 1,000 cubic meters per 100 kilometers and 45.4 rubles for exports.

The gas transportation tariff was indexed quarterly last year: 4.8% on January 1, 6.8% on April 1, 6.8% on July 1 and 5.9% on October 1.

Quarterly indexing was also applied to wholesale gas prices, which increased 5% on January 1, 7% on April 1, 7% on July 1 and 6.2% on October 1.

"According to the pace of tariff increases and prices on the goods and services of the natural monopolies that have been approved by the government, the wholesale price of gas for industry will be indexed 15% on January 1 and the transportation tariff will be indexed simultaneously," the source said.

The board is also expected to approve the wholesale prices of gas differentiated by region, he said.

The biggest independent gas producers in Russia are NOVATEK , Rosneft , Surgutneftegas , Lukoil and TNK-BP .