30 Dec 2009 13:06

Sai'erdi Biopharma produces China's first PFT test kit

Shanghai. December 30. INTERFAX-CHINA - Huzhou Sai'erdi Biopharmaceutical Technology Inc. has launched China's first domestically-produced proteomic fingerprint technology (PFT) test kit, state media reported on Dec. 30.

According to Beijing-based China Medicine News, Sai'erdi Biopharma's weak cation exchange (WCX) magnetic bead-based PFT test kit can be used to diagnose very early stage malignant tumors in blood serum.

Prior to this, PFT test kits used in China are all imported from overseas. At present, San Francisco-based Ciphergen Biosystems Inc. is one of the major PFT test kit producers in the world.

The report noted that the retail price of a domestically-produced PFT test kit is expected to be one-third that of an imported test kit.

Sai'erdi Biopharma was founded in January this year by five overseas returnees in Zhejiang Province's Huzhou City. The PFT test kit is the company's first product.