30 Dec 2009 17:10

Uzbek alcohol, tobacco production excises to rise 25% in 2010

TASHKENT. Dec 30 (Interfax) - On January 1, 2010, excise taxes will go up 25% for alcohol and alcohol products and filtered cigarettes produced in Uzbekistan, the State Tax Committee said, citing a presidential resolution.

Excises on unfiltered cigarettes will rise 50%.

Raising the excises was factored into next year's budget. Uzbekistan plans to collect 6.974 trillion sum (53.2% of all budget revenue) in indirect taxes next year, with excise taxes accounting for 2.191 trillion sum (16.7%).

Import excise taxes on alcohol and tobacco will not change and, according to the document, will be $7 per liter for vodka, $14.5 for cognac, $6 for wine, 70% but not less than $1 per liter for beer, and $10 per 1,000 cigarettes.

The official exchange rate on December 30: 1,511.4 sum/$1.