19 Jan 2010 15:26

Russian budget deficit tops 2.3 trillion rubles at 5.9% of GDP in 2009

MOSCOW. Jan 19 (Interfax) - Russia's federal budget deficit was 2.326 trillion rubles or 5.9% of GDP in 2009, the Finance Ministry said.

Budget revenue was tentatively 7.336 trillion rubles or 9.3% above the revenue target for the year. Spending by the cash method was 9.626 trillion rubles, or 2.8% below target.

The deficit in December alone was 593.221 billion rubles, or 16% of GDP for that month.

The primary deficit was tentatively 2.148 trillion rubles or 5.5% of GDP for the year.

GDP was an estimated 39.212 trillion rubles in 2009, including 3.711 trillion rubles in December.

Federal tax revenue was 3.012 trillion rubles for the year, or 15.4% above forecast; customs revenue was 3.52 trillion rubles, or 1.4% above; and property revenue was 34.83 billion rubles, or 1.8% below forecast.

Other federal revenue was 769.21 billion rubles, or 29.1% above forecast for 2009, however that revenue minus revenue from the disposition of Reserve Fund and National Welfare Fund assets was 471.63 billion rubles, or 20.8% below forecast.

December revenues were 890.101 billion rubles overall, including 387.397 billion rubles in oil and gas revenue and 502.703 billion rubles in non-oil-and-gas-revenue.

Tax revenue was 293.848