22 Jan 2010 15:49

Yanukovich wants Ukraine to have gas transit guarantees from Russia, Europe

KYIV. Jan 22 (Interfax) - Ukrainian Party of Regions leader Viktor Yanukovich has said it would be important for Kyiv to receive guarantees from Russia and Europe on transit through Ukraine of 100 billion cubic meters of gas a year at a minimum.

"One of my goals [as president] would be to secure the receipt of guarantees on gas transit of no less than 100 bcm a year on the part of suppliers - Russia - and consumers - Europe," Yanukovich said at a party rally in Kherson on Friday.

Ukraine guarantees reliable gas transit through its territory, he added.

The Russian-Ukrainian contract on gas transit signed in January 2009 does not provide penalties for failing to transit the volumes stipulated in the contract, unlike Ukraine's contract on gas imports from Russia, which contains take-or-pay provisions.