25 Jan 2010 12:49

Interfax leads in frequency of references among information agencies in Russian, foreign media in 2009

MOSCOW. Jan 25 (Interfax) - Research findings for 2009 based on Interfax' SCAN (Comprehensive News Analysis System) database and the database of major global media archive LexisNexis show that Interfax remains a leader in the frequency of references in information provided by leading Russian agencies and foreign agencies reporting from Russia.

The research analyzes the frequency of references to the eight largest information agencies operating in Russia: Interfax. RIA Novosti, ITAR-TASS, Reuters, Prime-TASS, RosBusinessColsulting (RBC), Regnum, and Rosbalt. The study did not survey the agencies' own information products to ensure the objectivity of the analysis.

The information contained in the SCAN database, which contains texts published in 1,630 central and regional Russian media showed that Interfax led in the frequency of references in January-December 2009 with 154,018 references, followed by RIA Novosti with 102,776 references and ITAR-TASS with 56,495 references.

The three leaders are followed by Reuters with 41,915 references, RBC (28,568 references), Prime TASS (15,652 references), Regnum (7,734 references), and Rosbalt (7,139 references).

Publications represented in the category "Central (Moscow) and federal print media of Russia," which comprises some 400 of the most authoritative newspapers and magazines, referred to Interfax 12,605 times in 2009, RIA Novosti had 8,731 references, followed by Reuters ( 4,851 references), ITAR-TASS (3,550 references), Prime TASS (2,076 references), RBC (1,033 references), Rosbalt (269 references), and Regnum (206 references).

In the category "Television and Radio Broadcasts of the Federal Media," which comprised leading television channels and radio stations of Russia, including Channel One, RTR, NTV, TVC, REN TV, Radio of Russia, Mayak, Ekho Moskvy, etc., Interfax was referred to 12,360 times in January-December 2009, RIA Novosti had 11,028 references, ITAR-TASS had 6,326 references, Reuters had 1,892 references, RBC had 1,520 references, Rosbalt and Regnum had 317 references each, and Prime-TASS had 166 references.

Interfax also remains a leader in the frequency of references ratings of Russia's three leading information agencies in the world media created on the basis of the LexisNexis database, which contains data from some 37,000 international sources of information.

In 2009, in "The Largest Print Publications of the World" in English (this category comprises 749 publications in the LexisNexis classification), Interfax had 10,892 references, ITAR-TASS had 3,265 references, and RIA Novosti had 2,445 references.

In "The Largest Print Publications of the U.S." (by the LexisNexis classification), Interfax had 257 references in January-December 2009, RIA Novosti had 167 references, and ITAR-TASS had 102 references.

In "The Print Media of the UK" (which comprises 553 publications the LexisNexis classification), Interfax is referred to in 76 publications, RIA Novosti is referred to in 46 publications, and ITAR-TASS is referred to in 38 publications.

A similar situation is observed in the "Print Publications of Germany (which has 204 publications in the LexisNexis classification), in which Interfax has 1,092 references, ITAR-TASS has 249 references, and RIA Novosti has 83 references.

In "The French Newspapers and Magazines" 19 publications in the LexisNexis classification) Interfax has 124 references, RIA Novosti has 79 references, and ITAR-TASS has 37 references.

In the category "Largest International Information Agencies," Interfax has become a leader in the frequency of references in all cases except for Associated Press, where RIA Novosti has the most references.

According to the LexisNexis archive, Interfax in 2009 had 961 references in AFP (RIA Novosti had 563 and TASS had 206 references), 95 references in AP (RIA Novosti had 132 and TASS had 94); 502 references in EFE (RIA Novosti had 294 and TASS had 223 references); 1,197 references in Xinhua (General News Services) (TASS had 768 and RIA Novosti has 677 references).

The leading international information agency Reuters referred to Interfax 616 times in its reports in January-December 2009 (RIA Novosti referred to Interfax 389 times and TASS referred to Interfax 157 times).