8 Feb 2010 15:57

Russia boosts wheat exports by 43.5% in 2009

MOSCOW. Feb 8 (Interfax) - In 2009, Russia exported 16.821 million tonnes of wheat, an increase of 43.5% from the result for 2008 (11.72 million tonnes), the Federal Customs Service said in its materials.

In values terms, however, total exports dropped by 3.9% to $2.75 billion.

Experts on the grain market said that this was growth from low base of 2008, when a 40% export duty was in effect (but for no less than 105 euro per tonne). This held back exports to foreign markets last year.

The FCS said that imports to Russia dropped last year. Wheat supplies decreased by 47.4% to 94,600 tonnes from 178,700 tonnes in 2008. Imports of barely dropped from 131,500 tonnes to 30,400 tonnes while corn imports plummeted from 362,300 tonnes to 38,000 tonnes.

Export of Russian vodka in 2009 dropped 7.3% to 1.44 million decaliters.