9 Feb 2010 15:52

Ukrainian bank assets decline 1.7% in January

KYIV. Feb 9 (Interfax) - Ukrainian banks saw assets decline 1.7% to 985.1 billion hryvni in January, the National Bank of Ukraine said.

Loans accounted for 74.1% of the total.

Capital declined 1.2% to 124.7 billion hryvni, of which paid-up, registered charter capital accounted for 97.4%.

Capital accounted for 14.3% of liabilities as of February 1, up from 14.2%.

Liabilities declined 2.4% to 746.2 billion hryvni, including 210.6 billion hryvni in deposits from individuals, 28.2% of the total, and 113.8 billion hryvni in corporate deposits, 15.2% of the total.

Time deposits from individuals amounted to 156.4 billion hryvni or 74.3% of all deposits from individuals, up from 73.9% at the beginning of the year. Demand deposits totaled 54.2 billion hryvni, 25.7% of the total.

It was reported earlier that the decision to liquidate Ukrprombank had a significant impact on the asset and liability figures for the entire banking system.

A total of 180 banks were licensed to conduct operations as of February 1, 2010, two less than a month earlier, the NBU said.

Sixty-nine of the banks are open joint stock companies, one is a closed joint stock company, 107 are public joint stock companies and three are limited liability companies.

A total of 14 banks were in liquidation in January, including 12 by decision of the NBU and two under arbitration court order.

The official exchange rate on February 9 was 8.0074 hryvni/$1.