1 Mar 2010 16:25

Select Russian companies allowed to set up own security organizations

Moscow. March 1 (Interfax) - The Russian government has allowed strategic enterprises, strategic joint-stock companies, firms that are members of the natural monopolies, as well as state owned corporations and companies to establish their own security organizations.

According to the government's resolution, legal entities can have a right to set up their own security organizations if they are included in the federal authorities' list of strategic enterprises and strategic joint-stock companies, except for departmental security services, if they are members of the country's natural monopolies, and if they are state controlled corporations or companies.

A legal entity planning to establish a private security organization has to submit an appropriate application to the Interior Ministry, which will have 45 days to check whether the information included in the application is full and authentic and to draw up a report explaining its agreement or refusal to permit the formation of such an organization.

However, the Russian government will have a final say in such issues.