16 Mar 2010 15:13

Vyksa pipe mill boosts output 42% in Feb

MOSCOW. March 16 (Interfax) - Russia's Vyksa Steel Works , one of the world's biggest pipe mills and a member of United Metallurgical Company (OMK), boosted overall steel pipe output 42% year-on-year in February to 169,500 tonnes, OMK said in a statement.

Large-diameter pipe production grew 32.2% to 117,300 tonnes.

Railway carriage wheel production soared 46% year-on-year in February to 51,500 wheels.

OMK is one of Russia's largest producers of pipes, railcar wheels, and other metal products for energy, transport and industrial companies.

OMK also includes the Chusovoi and Schyolkovo metallurgical plants, Almetyevsk Tube Works, pipe component maker Trubodetal and coke producer Gubakhinsky Koks.