17 Mar 2010 15:50

OFZ 25073

MOSCOW. March 17 (Interfax) - The average weight value for OFZ-PD series 25073, which matures on August 1, 2012, came to 101.832% at an auction for an additional placement on the secondary OFZ market. Yield came to 6.1% for the issue at the auction.

The Central Bank of Russia's department for operations on financial markets said that 4.087 billion for the issue had been sold at face value with a total offer of 6 billion rubles. Total demand at face value came to 16.369 billion rubles. Sales revenue from the auction came to 4.2 billion rubles while demand at market value came to 16.778 billion rubles.

The cutoff rate was set at 101.774% with yield coming to 6.12%. The coupon rate for OFZ 25072 was set at 6.85%. The payment date for the first coupon is slated for August 4, 2010.