18 Mar 2010 16:00

Share of restructured loans among 30 biggest borrowers at 30% on March 1

MOSCOW. March 18 (Interfax) - The share of restructured bank loans among the 30 biggest borrowers amounted to 30% as of March 1, the head of the Central Bank's department for regulation and supervision, Alexei Simanovsky, told journalists on Thursday.

"For the 30 biggest loans 30% are restructured. It is lower for the entire loan portfolio," Simanovsky said.

The level of restructured loans among the 30 biggest borrowers "is nearing a peak," Simanovsky said. "The pace of growth of restructured loan is very modest," he said.

Simanovsky forecast that the rate would remain at 30% until midyear. "I think it will stay at that level for a while, until midyear. Then it seems to me a downward trend will set in," he said.