26 Mar 2010 16:36

Ford in Russia receives over 1,000 applications in cash-for-clunkers program

MOSCOW. March 26 (Interfax) - Ford of Russia has received more than 1,000 applications under the "cash-for-clunkers" program in Russia.

So far the company has sold 30 new Fords to applicants under the program.

The biggest demand is for Focus five-dour hatchbacks and sedans with the Comfort and Titanium option packages.

Under the program, applicants can buy a Focus or Mondeo with any options package available in Russia, or a special version, Focus LE, at a price of 389,000 rubles including the 50,000-ruble voucher for the older trade-in.

Ford has just one worry about the program: that not everyone who wants to buy a Ford under the program will be able to because the government only examines a limited number of applications, the statement cites Ford of Russia's president and managing director, Mark Ovenden, as saying.

The state will issue the 50,000-ruble vouchers from March 8 through November 1, 2010. They may be applied to the purchase of 66 models. The "clunker" must be at least 10 years old and be registered in the name of the seller for at least one year. The Russian budget allocates 11 billion rubles to the program.