29 Mar 2010 11:06

5 kopecks to 29.65 at open on MICEX; ruble declines against currency basket

The dollar deals on the MICEX have begun on Monday in a wide range 29.61-29.8 rubles/$1; 2-3 minutes after opening most of the transactions passed in a range of 29.65-29.7 rubles/$1 is approximately 5 kopecks above the closing level on the last trading day and approximately 15 kopecks above the official rate.

The euro auctions have begun near to a mark 39.85 rubles/EUR, or 22 kopecks up from the close of the previous day and 45-50 kopecks above its official rate.

The currency basket ($0.55 and EUR 0.45) was up at opening to 34.25 rubles, that is approximately up 10 kopecks from closing on the previous day.

Experts explain the ruble decrease by the current situation in connection with explosions in the Moscow underground on Monday morning.

ak mj