20 Apr 2010 16:03

Transaero chief in favor of dividend payment for 2009 results

MOSCOW. April 20 (Interfax)- Transaero Airlines' CEO, Olga Pleshakova, told journalists on Tuesday in Moscow that she supports the decision of her company's board of directors for paying dividends for 2009's results. Pleshakov did not specify the size of this dividend payment.

She said that the company's shareholders meeting would take place at the start of June. "For previous years 10%-12% of profit has been earmarked for dividend payments," she said.

It was earlier reported that the airline increased its RAS net profit by 260% to 393.12 million rubles for 2009.

Pleshakova owns 18.39% of the company's shares. Her spouse, Alexander Pleshakov, holds 22.42%.

Transaero transported over 5 million passengers in 2009.