22 Apr 2010 19:22

Inter RAO expects up to 30% in export growth in 2010

MOSCOW. April 22 (Interfax) - OJSC Inter RAO UES , which exports and imports electricity to and from Russia, expects an increase in total electricity exports by up to 30% in 2010, the company's deputy chairman, Vyacheslav Artamonov told Interfax.

The company plans to post its pre-crisis results for export revenue this year, Artamonov said.

Artamonov said that exports to the Baltic would increase since the region needs electricity following the shutdown of Ignalin Nuclear Power Plant.

"One should take out financial results for 2009 plus 10%-12%," he said.

Inter RAO also expects an increase in exports to Kazakhstan once new terms for electricity supply (daily planning with a report of exports).

He said that Kazakh demand for electricity has reached its pre-crisis level. The country has also not decided on building new generating capacity. As a result, the country will need electricity supply in order to cover peak demand, Inter RAO forecast.

Inter RAO also hopes to see improvement in pricing terms for electricity exports to Finland through the implementation of export diversification.