27 Apr 2010 12:39

Russian money supply grows 2.8% in March to record 15.997 trln rubles

MOSCOW. April 27 (Interfax) - Russia's M2 money supply (national definition) expanded 2.8% in March 2010 to a record 15.996 trillion rubles on April 1 from 15.566 trillion rubles in February, the Central Bank said on its website.

Money supply increased 1.9% in January-March from 15.597 trillion rubles on January 1.

M0 (cash in circulation) money supply increased 0.9% to 3.986 trillion rubles in March from 3.950 trillion rubles. M0 decreased 1.3% in January-March from 4.038 trillion rubles on January 1.

Non-cash funds increased 3.4% in March to 12.010 trillion rubles from 11.616 trillion rubles. Non-cash funds grew 3.0% from 11.560 trillion rubles in January-March.

M2 is defined as total cash in circulation (outside banks) and balances in the domestic currency on accounts of resident non-financial organizations, financial organizations (except for credit organizations) and individuals.