10 May 2010 16:32

Medvedev vows rescue work at stricken coal mine will go on

GORKI, near Moscow. May 10 (Interfax) - Rescue operations at the coal mine in Russia's Kemerovo region where at least 32 people were killed by explosions early on Sunday will continue, President Dmitry Medvedev said on Monday.

Medvedev was speaking at a video conference with key ministers and coordinators of the rescue operations at the Raspadskaya mine in the town of Mezhdurechensk.

"All the rescue operations will continue," Medvedev said.

"It is an extremely serious situation, but nevertheless all the rescue operations will continue until we get to the truth, until we find out what happened and how it happened, and until we make sure that all the rescue measures that have been feasible in this situation have been taken," he said.