21 May 2010 15:34

SUEK coal shipments fall 7.8%, but sales revenues rise 12.2% in 2009

MOSCOW. May 21 (Interfax) - Russia's largest producer of energy coal, Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK), sold 84.56 million tonnes of coal last year, 7.8% less than in 2008, but its coal sales revenues rose 12.2% to 85.37 billion rubles.

This was the result of a 21.7% rise in the average price for one tonne of the company's coal to 1,009.64 rubles, company materials say.

SUEK supplied 15.6% less coal to the domestic market last year (56.694 million tonnes total), while exported 13.3% more (27.861 million tonnes).

The average per-tonne price for SUEK coal in Russia rose proportionally to the drop in shipments - 15.6% to 633.7 rubles. The export price rose 11.1% to 1,774.62 rubles.

The company's coal sales revenues in Russia dipped 2.4% to 35.93 billion rubles, while revenues from exports climbed 25.8% to 49.44 billion rubles.

SUEK supplies more than 30% of Russia's energy coal and 30% of the energy coal the country exports. It also has a number of energy assets, including 49.64% of JSC Kuzbassenergo (TGK-12) and 49.99% of JSC Yenisei TGK (TGK-13).