27 May 2010 12:35

Svyazinvest inter-regionals combined net profit for Jan-Sept could top 30 bln rubles

MOSCOW. May 27 (Interfax) - Combined net profits among the communications holding Svyazinvest's inter-regional companies may exceed 30 billion rubles for the first three quarters of 2010, Svyazinvest General Director Yevgeny Yurchenko told reporters.

Jan-Sept profits will weigh in at more than for all of 2009, Yurchenko said. "By our estimations, it will be more than 30 billion rubles," he said.

The inter-regional companies plan to pay interim dividends for the nine months, Yurchenko said. The payout for common shares will be 15% of each company's net profit, for prefs it will be 10%.

Shareholder registers for dividend-receipt will be closed right after the buy-up of inter-regional company shares from minority holders opposed to the merger with Rostelecom . The registers will be closed during the period from August 15 to September 11, Yurchenko said.