9 Jun 2010 14:15

Broad monetary base grows 0.9% in May to 6.859 trillion rubles

MOSCOW. June 9 (Interfax) - Russia's broad monetary base expanded 0.9% to 6.859 trillion rubles in May 2010 from 6.795 trillion rubles, the Central Bank of Russia said on its web site.

The monetary base increased 6.1% in January-May from 6.467 trillion rubles on January 1.

The monetary base increased 45.6% from 4.712 trillion rubles on June 1, 2009.

The monetary base includes the following indicators (bln rubles):

1.05.10 1.06.10
Cash in circulation 4 643.5 4 714.6
Bank correspondent accounts at Central Bank 554.8 539.4
Mandatory reserves 183.1 170.5
Bank deposits at Central Bank 576.7 591.5
Bank of Russia Bonds (OBR) at banks 836.8 843.1
Total 6 795.0 6 859.0

The amount of cash in circulation rose by 1.5% to 4.715 trillion rubles in May.

It increased 2.0% in January-May from 4.623 trillion rubles on January 1.

The broad money base includes cash issued by the Central Bank, the balance on reserve accounts in the Central Bank, correspondent accounts and bank deposits in the Central Bank, investment by banks in Central Bank bonds, and other obligations of the Central Bank on operations with banks in the national currency.

The broad monetary base describes changes in money supply by the monetary authorities.