22 Jun 2010 15:11

Gazprombank begins road show for up to $1 bln in Eurobonds

MOSCOW. June 22 (Interfax) - Gazprombank began a road show on Tuesday for an issue of Eurobonds totaling up to $1 billion depending on the market, a source in financial circles told Interfax.

Gazprombank could place Eurobonds this autumn, the bank's deputy vice president, Alexander Kaznacheyev, told journalists at the end of April.

"It is entirely likely that there will be borrowing this year but probably closer to autumn," he said, adding that the bank would most likely place Eurobonds.

At the start of December 2009, the bank's deputy chairman, Alexander Sobol, said that Gazprombank could place up to $1 billion but not less than $500 million in Eurobonds in the second quarter of 2010.

Gazprombank was third largest Russian bank by assets at the end of 2009 according to the Interfax-100, compiled by the Interfax Center for Economic Analysis (CEA).