1 Jul 2010 13:04

Switch to RAB tariffs from July 1 delayed

MOSCOW. July 1 (Interfax) - The switch by Russian grid companies to Regulated Asset Base (RAB) tariffs planned for July 1 has been delayed, a market source told Interfax.

A representative of the Federal Tariffs Service (FTS) told Interfax that its board had "not discussed issues to do with coordinating decisions by the regions to switch grids to RAB," confirming what the source said.

The source said it wad being decided whether the delay would be short-term or whether the switch to RAB would be postpone until January 1, 2011, by when it is expected all grid networks will have put the new tariff system method in place.

The source said the delay was due to the fact the regions had not drafted all necessary paperwork because new regulations were late to be adopted.

All relevant agencies have asked the government to pass a separate decision on the transition to RAB tariffs. The government at the start of this year approved a schedule for 23 grid operators to switch to the new system.

They include six grids operated Inter-District Grid Company (IDGC) Center (Bryanskenergo, Voronezhenergo, Kostromaenergo, Smolenskenergo, Orelenergo, Tambovenergo); three of IDG South (RTS:MRKY) (Volgogradenergo, Kalmenergo, Kubanenergo ; and seven of IDGC Volga (Chuvashenergo, Penzaenergo, Orenburgenergo, Mordovenergo, ULyanov, Saratov and samara grids).

Also due to switch to RAB by the middle of this ear were three branches of IDGC Northwest (Pskovenego, Komienergo and Vologdaenergo); two of IDGC Siberia (Khakasenergo, Chitaenergo); one of IDGC North Caucasus (Stavropolenergo); and OJSC Yantarenenergo.

Moscow Unified Grid Company (MOESK) is expected to make the switch to RAB from January 1, 2011, as are Lenenergo ; Tyumenenergo ; more IDGC North Caucasus branches ( Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachayevo-Cherkessia), North Ossetia, Ingush and Dagenergo); IDGC Northwest branches (Arkhenergo, Karelenenego, Kolenenergo); IDGC Siberia (Altaienergo, Buryatenergo, Krasnoyarskenergo, Kuzbassenergo - Regional Power Grids); OJSC Tyvaenergo; IDGC Urals branches (Sverdlovenergo, Chelyabenergo); IDGC Center and Volga branches (Ivenergo, Kirovenergo, Marienergo, Nizhnovenergo); OJSC Far East Network Distribution Company (DRSK) (Amur, Khabarovsk, South Yakutia, Jewish Autonomous Region grids).

Some grid operators have already made the switch to RAB from January 1, 2011: branches of IDGC Center and Volga (Vladimir, Kaluga regions, Udmurtia); IDGC Center (Kursk, Yaroslavl regions); IDGC Northwest (Novgorod region); IDGC Siberia (Omsk, Tomsk regions, Altai Republic); OJSC Vladimir Regional Grid Company; and OJSC Siberia-Urals Grid Company (SUENCO, Tyumen region).

Belgorodenergo, Lipetskenergo, Tverenergo, Permenergo, Tulaenergo, Ryazanenergo, Astrakhanenergo, Kurganenenergo and Orenburgenenergo were put on RAB tariffs in pilot mode in 2009.