2 Jul 2010 17:20

Foreign Ministry ready to support interests of Russian firms abroad

MOSCOW. July 2 (Interfax) - The Russian Foreign Ministry is ready to support Russian companies operating on foreign markets, but it calls on businessmen to tell the ministry which markets they need in advance.

"Of course, it would be easier for us to work more effectively if we were informed of companies' plans regarding foreign markets where they need a push from the point of view of direct support for their projects in advance," Russian First Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Denisov said in an interview published in the VIP-Premier magazine.

Diplomatic missions contact the local authorities and promote the interests of their companies, including during tenders, Denisov said.

This happens all over the world, but the Foreign Ministry cannot interfere in any commercial aspects, he said.

"The responsibilities of our Foreign Ministry bar it from interfering in commercial operations or negotiations on deal terms. This is our taboo. However, state support is among our direct duties, because the interests of the state cannot be separated from the interests of individual economic operators," Denisov said.