16 Jul 2010 13:33

Ukraine should not rush privatizations until market improves - Azarov

KYIV. July 16 (Interfax) - Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov believes that the country should not rush into privatizing state facilities, the government said quoting Azarov.

"I do not insist on privatization and have not initiated this discussion for four months. We have gotten on without this money and I think we will get through. Also, we will go into privatization when it will be advantageous to sell and, most importantly, when it is clear how we approve the privatization," Azarov said.

Azarov said that the privatization should take place when the market is showing positive signs in the interest of the facilities slated for privatization.

"If we receive new production through privatization and if an investor puts resources into the modernization of production, I would vote yes with two hands. But if we sell an enterprise and it is torn to pieces, which has, unfortunately, happened to us, I would be against such privatization," Azarov said, adding that privatizations are not a way for current authorities to replenish the budget