2 Aug 2010 16:33

Inter RAO subsidiary starts supplying power to Turkey from Georgia, transit from Russia to start in autumn

MOSCOW. Aug 2 (Interfax) - OJSC Inter RAO UES' Turkish subsidiary, TGR Enerji, has start supplying electricity to Turkey from Georgia, Inter RAO said.

Total electricity supply comes to 12 million kilowatt hours a month with a maximum capacity of up to 30 megawatts.

In order to optimize supplies during the spring and summer period, the company will deliver electricity from Georgia and during the autumn-winter period - via transit from Russia.

Electricity from Russia will be supplied through Georgian territory via the Batumi-Khopa line when it is not used for exporting Turkish electricity to Georgia, Inter RAO said.

It was earlier reported that TGR Enerji was authorized to import electricity from Russia through Georgian territory in December 2008.

TGR Enerji has been part of the Inter RAO Group since 2005. The company later received a license for wholesale of electricity in Turkey. The company's employees carry out projects for developing Inter RAO's business in the Black Sea region.

Inter RAO UES is managed by Russia's nuclear power agency, Rosatom. The company engages in the sale of electricity in Russia and overseas while also owing various power assets inside and outside of Russia.