4 Aug 2010 18:27

Dollar up slightly on MICEX, euro slips

MOSCOW. Aug 4 (Interfax) - The U.S. dollar went up slightly while the euro decreased on Wednesday following its downward correction on the Forex. The Russian ruble held its course against the Central Bank's bi-currency basket.

The dollar went up by three kopecks to 29.75 rubles/$1 while the euro decreased by five kopecks to 39.305 rubles/EUR1.

The U.S. dollar hit a session maximum of 29.9 rubels/$1, after dropping to a three-month low of 29.67 rubles/$1.

The bi-currency basket (set at $0.55 and 0.45 euro) held at 34.06 rubles, which was it close on Tuesday.

The dollar's average weighted exchange rate on the MICEX decreased by 6.72 kopecks to 29.8325 rubles/$1 in Today deals on Wednesday and 1.08 kopecks to 29.8214 rubles/$1 in Tomorrow deals. Total dollar trading on the MICEX amounted to $3.488 billion with $656.5 million in Today deals and $2.832 billion in Tomorrow deals.

The average weighted rate of the euro went down by 8.77 kopecks to 39.3885 rubles/EUR1 rubles in Today deals and 5.52 kopecks to 39.383 rubles/EUR1 in Tomorrow deals. Total euro trading came to 212.1 million euro, of which 69.5 million euro were Today deals and 142.6 million euro were Tomorrow deals.

The overnight MosPrime Rate held at around 2.7-2.75%.