5 Aug 2010 18:17

VEB ups loans 1.6% to 286 bln rubles in H1

MOSCOW. Aug 5 (Interfax) - Vnesheconombank (VEB) increased its loan book 1.6% during H1 2010 and 1% during Q2 2010 to 286.1 billion rubles, the government says in a report on anti-crisis measures, referred to the State Duma.

Past-due debt was down to 1.9 billion rubles or 0.66% of the portfolio as of July 1, compared with 3.6 billion rubles or 1.3% on April 1.

The bank was involved in 83 investment projects, for which its loan book increased 2.65% to 235.2 billion rubles during H1 2010.

VEB borrowed 46.8 billion rubles and lent 41.1 billion rubles on the interbank market as of July 1.

Its securities portfolio had a book value of 541.1 billion rubles as of July 1. The portfolio include shares in companies that VEB treats as investments, and shares and bonds issued by Russian companies that VEB has bought on the stock market with National Welfare Fund money.