11 Aug 2010 19:49

Dollar soars over 20 kopecks on MICEX, euro declines

MOSCOW. Aug 11 (Interfax) - The U.S. dollar increased substantially on the MICEX on Wednesday, hitting its highest point for August while the euro decreased following its performance on the Forex, declining oil prices and negative stock market trends. The ruble weakened slightly against the Central Bank's bi-currency basket.

The dollar went up by 20.75 kopecks in MICEX trading to close at 30.2575 rubles/$1 while the euro decreased by 12.7 kopecks to finish at 39.35 rubles/EUR1.

The dollar rose to 30.3 rubles/$1 at one stage. It has risen on the MICEX for three days in succession, gaining 45-50 kopecks.

The bi-currency basket (set at $0.55 and 0.45 euro) went up by six kopecks to 34.35 rubles, also an August-high.

The Central Bank has raised its dollar rate for Thursday 18.1 kopecks to 30.205 rubles/$1, but lowered its euro rate 8.18 kopecks to 39.4417 rubles/EUR1.

The dollar averaged up 19.58 kopecks in Today deals on the MICEX to 30.2072 rubles/$1, and 21.02 kopecks to 30.2294 rubles/$1 in Tom deals. Overall dollar trading came to $4.91 billion, of which $933.4 million in Today and $3.976 billion in Tom deals.

The euro averaged down 8.45 kopecks in today deals to 39.4392 rubles/EUR1 and 7.05 kopecks in Tom deals to 39.4311 rubles/EUR1. Volume was EUR248.3 million, including EUR72.3 million in Today and EUR176.2 million in Tom deals.

Money-market rates altered little, with the MosPrime Rate for overnight loans edging up 2 basis points to 2.75%.