13 Aug 2010 18:14

Dollar, euro close down Friday on MICEX

MOSCOW. Aug 13 (Interfax) - Both the dollar and the euro ended Friday MICEX modestly down, while the ruble closed up against the bicurrency basket after a half-week slump amid stagnant oil prices on the world market.

The dollar closed at 30.55 rubles/$1, having lost 6.5 kopecks on the day. The euro ended at 39.145 rubles/EUR1, down 9.75 kopecks from Thursday. The bicurrency basket ($0.55 and EUR 0.44) closed at 34.42 rubles, down 8 kopecks.

The average weighted dollar rate in MICEX Today deals was down 4.3 kopecks from the previous day at 30.4536 rubles/$1. The rate in Tomorrow trades lost 4.39 kopecks to 30.4868 rubles/$1. MICEX dollar trading combined to $3.872 billion, with $1.004 billion in Today and $2.868 billion in Tomorrow deals.

The average weighted euro rate in Today trades was down 11.46 kopecks at 39.2047 rubles/EUR1, and in Tomorrow deals 8.17 kopecks at 39.1721 rubles/EUR1. MICEX euro turnover came to EUR 258.1 million, with EUR 94 million in Today and EUR 164.1 million in Tomorrow exchanges.

The overnight MosPrime Rate was at 2.77% pa, down just one basis point from its previous level.