20 Aug 2010 10:37

Inner Mongolia's installed wind power capacity to reach 10 mln kW by year end

Shanghai. August 20 INTERFAX-CHINA - Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region's installed wind power capacity is expected to hit 10 million kilowatts (kW) by the end of this year, the regional government forecast on August 19.

As of the end of 2009, Inner Mongolia's installed wind power capacity stood at 6.21 million kW. The region generated a total of 9.8 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of wind power in the same year.

With exploitable wind power resources of 150 million kW, the region has expanded its installed wind power capacity by 100 percent year-on-year for the past six consecutive years, the regional government said.

Inner Mongolia also boasts abundant solar resources and receives between 2,600 and 3,200 hours of sunlight per year.

As such, the regional government has planned to develop more wind and solar power integration projects in the future.