23 Aug 2010 18:32

Nomos-Bank places 12th series bonds at 8.5%

MOSCOW. Aug 23 (Interfax) - Nomos-Bank placed its 12th series bond issue worth 5 billion rubles on Monday, the bank said in a statement.

The bond's first coupon yielded 8.5%. Guidance was 8.75%-9%, which equals a yield of 8.94%-9.2% for a three-year offer. The bank announced its plans for placing the bond series 12 and 13 worth a combined 10 billion rubles in September 2009.

The Central Bank of Russia registered these issues in November 2009. The bank plans to place bond issues worth 5 million rubles each at a face value of 1,000 rubles. The bonds have a maturation period of seven years. The bonds have 14 coupon periods.

The bank currently has its eight, ninth and 11th bond issues in circulation worth a combined 13 billion rubles. The bank bought back 87% of its 11th issue (worth 4.34 billion rubles) in mid-June in the framework of an offer.

Nomos-Bank was 15th largest Russian bank by assets at the end of the first half of 2010 according to the Interfax-100, compiled by the Interfax Center for Economic Analysis (CEA).