2 Sep 2010 18:42

Russia will provide financial aid to Kyrgyzstan

MOSCOW. Sept 2 (Interfax) - A Russian governmental presidium meeting on Thursday produce a decision to provide financial aid to Kyrgyzstan, Deputy Economic Development Minister Alexei Likhachyov said at a briefing afterward.

Materials distributed ahead of the meeting indicated that Russia's Finance Ministry was proposing aid of up to $10 million.

A number of issues were addressed and decided, Likhachyov said. In particular, a Finance Ministry proposal to amend the volume of Russian foreign loan-bond issue in 2010. According to explanatory materials on the government's website, the bond-loan cap was revised downward to $7.5 billion, in line with law enacted on July 23 this year.

The governmental presidium also agreed on the necessity of increasing the permissible volume of governmental securities issue volume for this year to almost 1.243 trillion rubles.

Changes to the technical requirements for the safety of wheeled vehicles were confirmed. They include increasing the overall dimensions of truck-trains to 20 from 18.75 meters, making possible the importation of equipment made in the United States.

And changes were confirmed to the notification requirements for fishing vessels crossing Russian state borders.