6 Sep 2010 09:05

Ganji launches smartphone application

Shanghai. September 6. INTERFAX-CHINA - Ganji.com, a Beijing-based Web portal for classified ads listings, launched an application for smarphones to access its site, the company told Interfax on Sep. 6.

According to Jiang Yinfen, Ganji's public relations manager, the application can be downloaded from the Web site and is compatible with Apple's iPhone, RIM's Blackberry and Nokia's Symbian platform.

The application allows users to access the site using less bandwidth compared to standard mobile Web sites which use Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), said Jiang.

Ganji launched a WAP version of the site in May 2009. As of the end of May, Ganji's site had roughly 2 million hits per day.

In June, Ganji received aggregate investment of nearly $20 million from Nokia Growth Partners and BlueRun Ventures, Interfax previously reported.

Ganji was established in 2005.