6 Sep 2010 10:24

Bidding for 1000 MW Jiangsu wind farms to begin this month

Beijing. September 6. INTERFAX-CHINA - Bidding for four offshore wind power farms in Jiangsu Province will begin on Sept. 10, an official from China Longyuan Electric Power Group Corp. who wished to remain anonymous said on Sept. 4.

According to the official, the projects will be located in Jiangsu's Yancheng Prefecture City and will have a total installed power capacity of 1000 megawatts (MW). The bids will be for two 300 MW farms in Binhai and Sheyang Counties and two 200 MW farms in Dafeng and Dongtai Counties, respectively.

As one of China's largest wind power producers, Jiangsu's government said it plans to increase the province's total installed offshore wind power capacity to 4.6 million kilowatts (kW) by 2015 and 9.45 million kW by 2020.

The official from Longyuan Electric said that despite its seemingly bright future, China's wind power industry faces significant transmission issues that result in unused wind energy.

In 2009, the country witnessed 2 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity of unused wind power, the official said. By comparison, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, one of China's largest power generating regions, saw 900 million kWh of wind power go unused in the winter of 2009, said Wang Xiaohai, deputy general engineer of Inner Mongolia Power Group Co. Ltd.

The Longyuan Electric official estimated that by the end of this year, China would witness approximately 4 billion kWh of unused wind generated power, or 10 percent of total output.