6 Sep 2010 13:54

Guangdong to hike power tariffs on 11 energy-intensive industries

Shanghai. September 6. INTERFAX-CHINA - Guangdong Province announced on Sept. 4 that it would begin charging additional electricity tariffs on 11 energy-intensive industries.

Under the new policy, copper and lead smelters, printers and dyers, producers of coke, plate glass, paper, alcohol, fiber, monosodium glutamate, leather and electric plating will be required to pay an additional tariff ranging from RMB 0.05 ($0.074) to RMB 0.2 ($0.029) for energy produced from the beginning of Sept. until Dec. 31, 2010.

Beginning in 2011, these tariffs will be raised to between RMB 0.1 ($0.015) to RMB 0.3 ($0.044), according to the announcement.

The policy is aimed at curbing excessive production capacity from the heavily-polluting industries mentioned above, the Guangdong government said.

Guangdong's zinc smelters and producers of steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum, iron alloy, calcium carbide, sodium hydroxide and yellow phosphorus have been required to pay additional power tariffs since 2008, the provincial government said.