27 Sep 2010 18:24

Ruble gains on dollar, euro on higher oil prices

MOSCOW. Sept 27 (Interfax) - The ruble gained against the dollar and the euro on Monday, posting an increase against the Central Bank's currency basket for a third day in a row, as traders closed out speculative positions on rising demand for rubles and higher oil prices.

The dollar fell 26.55 kopecks in Tom deals on MICEX to 30.51 rubles/$1. The greenback has shed 50 kopecks in the last two trading sessions, dropping to its lowest level this month. The euro declined 18.75 kopecks to 41.2025 rubles/EUR1.

The bicurrency basket ($0.55 and 0.45 euro) was down 23 kopecks to 35.32 rubles. It has declined 43 kopecks in the last three trading sessions.

The Central Bank lowered its official dollar rate 33.61 kopecks to 30.6119 rubles/$1 and reduced the euro rate 3.79 kopecks to 41.222 rubles/EUR1.

The dollar's weighted-average exchange rate on MICEX fell 33.22 kopecks to 30.6017 rubles/$1 in Today deals and 31.25 kopecks to 30.5894 rubles/$1 in Tom deals. Combined dollar trading on MICEX amounted to $5.475 billion, of which $1.230 billion were Today deals and $4.244 billion were Tom deals.

The euro's average exchange rate declined 7.46 kopecks to 41.1972 rubles/EUR1 in Today deals and was down 19.69 kopecks to 41.1726 rubles/EUR1 in Tom deals. Combined euro trading amounted to 295 million euro, of which 82.3 million euro were Today deals and 212.7 million euro were Tom deals.

The MosPrime Rate for overnight loans rose 10 basis points to 2.81% pa.