30 Sep 2010 10:16

Dollar edges up, euro edges down against ruble

MOSCOW. Sept 30 (Interfax) - The dollar is edging up and the euro down against the ruble, which is holding steady against the basket of currencies.

The dollar edged up 3-5 kopecks to 30.45-30.47 rubles/$1 in Tom deals in the first few minutes on the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX).

This is 5-7 kopecks above today's official rate.

The euro, which has slackened against the dollar in the international forex market, opened at around 41.33 rubles/EUR1, which is 8-9 kopecks below yesterday's close and 2 kopecks below today's official rate.

The dual currency basket ($0.55 and EUR 0.45) opened the day at 35.35-35.37 rubles, or just a kopeck below yesterday's closing value.