1 Oct 2010 14:13

Russian industrial output will grow faster in Q4, slow in Q1

MOSCOW. Oct 1 (Interfax) - Russia's Economic Development Ministry anticipates industrial output growth and investment will quicken in the fourth quarter of this year, and that output growth will then slow in Q1 2011, Deputy Economic Development Minister Andrei Klepach told reporters on Friday.

"It will speed up in the fourth quarter, but in the first quarter, I think, it will slow," Klepach said.

Klepach said investment growth would also accelerate in Q4 2010. "We already saw a jump in August, and could see this slacken to some extent." "But there shouldn't really be [a slowdown in investment growth]," he said.

Industrial production in Russia grew 7.0% year-on-year in August alone, and 9.2% in January-August.

Excluding the seasonal and calendrical components of industrial output generally, following a drop in June-July there was a slight increase in August (June - down 0.4%, July down 0.8%, August - up 0.1%).

According to the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat), August brought an abrupt increase in investment activity - 10.9% year-on-year - which was the most for the year to that point. Investments increased 2.8% year-on-year in January-August.

Excluding the seasonal and calendrical factors, investment grew an estimated 4.3% in August from July. Investment had dropped 2% in July.