14 Oct 2010 14:16

Everything to be all right in Belarus-Russia relations

MINSK. Oct 14 (Interfax) - Russia wants to improve relations with Belarus, Belarusian Justice Minister Viktor Golovanov said in Minsk on Thursday.

He commented on the Wednesday meeting of Russian presidential administration head Sergei Naryshkin with Belarusian reporters.

"In my opinion, the Russian Federation intends to normalize relations with Belarus," he said.

"I think that people of Belarus and Russia will always be united. The presidents of Belarus and the Russian Federation always say that. Everything will be all right," he said.

Golovanov also commented on a bilateral situation, which followed the CIS Economic Court's ruling on the Belarusian lawsuit for canceling Russian export duties on petroleum products delivered to Belarus.

"Russia has offered no reaction, but we have an agreement with a Russian representative - Deputy Justice Minister Likhachyov - that they will ask the question to the Russian government. I think that ice will break up, because that meets the interests of both countries," he said.

The minister did not rule out that the issue might be discussed at the October 15 meeting of the Union State Council of Ministers. This is an area of national governments, he said.

The CIS Economic Court recommended the governments of Belarus and Russia to consider a temporary ban on export duties on Russian petroleum products supplied to Belarus.