15 Oct 2010 18:54

Trade not affected by political problems between Belarus, Russia

MOSCOW. Oct 15 (Interfax) - So far the political problems between Russia and Belarus have not affected trade relations and hopefully they will continue to not play a factor, said Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

"We would very much like those problems that you have mentioned not to affect the integration and the development of our trade and economic ties. So far, thank God, they have not and I hope it will not happen," he said, responding to a question posed by Interfax at a press conference after a meeting between the prime ministers of the customs union members - Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan - on Friday.

"Of course, the political atmosphere always affects all spheres of the state affairs and the international relations both in the bilateral and multilateral format," Putin said.

"We believe that fundamental interests of our nations will always prevail and that we will be guided by precisely these considerations," Putin said.