19 Oct 2010 18:04

Russian grain harvest nears 62 mln tonnes

MOSCOW. Oct 19 (Interfax) - Russia has harvested almost 62 million tonnes of grain (bunker weight).

A total of 61.9 million tonnes of grain had been harvested as of October 17, 35.9 million tonnes less than on the same date last year, according to Agriculture Ministry data obtained by Interfax. The yield declined to 18.9 centners/ha, down from 23.8 centners/ha last year.

Grain has been harvested from 32.8 million ha, 92.3% of the acreage to be harvested (just under 35.6 million ha), accounting for the drought-stricken areas that have been written off.

A total of 19.1 million tonnes was harvested in the Southern Federal District (compared with 20 million tonnes on the same date last year), 8 million tonnes in the North Caucasus (7.8 million tonnes), 6.7 million tonnes in the Volga district (22.7 million tonnes) and 3.4 million tonnes in the Urals (5.3 million tonnes).

A total of 13.8 million tonnes of grain was harvested in Siberia, 4.6 million tonnes less and the Central Federal District produced 10.2 million tonnes, down from 22.3 million tonnes last year.

The Agriculture Ministry has forecast that the total grain harvest (net weight) will be in the range 60 million-65 million tonnes, with 63 million tonnes being the most likely outcome. Russia harvested 97 million tonnes of grain last year.