20 Oct 2010 16:07

Agriculture Ministry completes estimate of damage from drought at 41.6 bln rubles

MOSCOW. Oct 20 (Interfax) - Russia's Agricultural Ministry has finished its appraisal of materials from the country's regions that suffered from the summer drought, the ministry said.

The ministry said that, according to the results of its analysis of the regional information, a total of 25,035 farms in 893 areas of 43 subjects of the Russian Federation suffered from drought conditions. The drought caused a total of 41.6 billion rubles in direct damages.

According to the analysis, over 13.3 million hectares of sowed territory perished from the drought, which accounted for around 30% of total territory cultivated with crops in regions affected by summer fires and 17% of total sowed territory (or 30% of total Russian territory under grain cultivation).

The results of the expert analysis were sent to the ministry.

The ministry has informed Russia's regions that it has stopped accepting documentation.