21 Oct 2010 16:13


BAKU. Oct 21 (Interfax) - Azerbaijan's Capital Bank increased assets by 19.7% to 660.799 million manat (0.8012 manat/$1 on October 21, 2010) in January-September 2010, the bank told Interfax.

The bank's loan portfolio increased by 23.7% year-on-year to 396.99 million manat in the nine months while obligations went up by 23.1% to 575.01 million manat.

The bank's total deposits went up by 3.3% to 259.18 million manat while household deposits increased by 3.4% to 186.797 million manat.

Capital Bank's equity at the start of October went down by 1.1% to 64.114 million manat while charter capital increased by 25% to 30 million manat.

The bank had 88 branches, 375 automated tellers and 417 pos terminals on October 1.

Capital bank was 165th biggest CIS bank at the end of 2009 and second largest Azeri bank by assets according to the Interfax-1000: Banks of the CIS, compiled by the Interfax Center for Economic Analysis (CEA).