26 Oct 2010 10:29

Gazprom scouting Sakhalin sites for oil refinery

YUZHNO-SAKHALINSK. Oct 26 (Interfax) - Russian gas giant Gazprom has begun the legwork and investment studies for an oil refinery it might be building on Sakhalin, director of Gazprom's headquarters in the Sakhalin region Vladimir Kozlov told deputies from the regional Duma.

The work is being done in conjunction with related subdivisions in the regional administration. The general idea is that the refinery will be able to produce 4-5 million tonnes of oil products per year.

These new facilities will be some of the most modern in Russia's Far East, and will process gas condensate and oil produced by the Sakhalin-3 project.

"Whether the plant will be near to Sakhalin-3 facilities or a warm-water port in the island's south will be decided by specialists from OJSC Gazprom's scientific research institutions," Kozlov said.