28 Oct 2010 14:03

Zhejiang Province to increase medical quality supervision

Shanghai. October 28. INTERFAX-CHINA - The Zhejiang Provincial Health Department, together with the Zhejiang Provincial Medical Academic Exchange Center, plans to set up a third-party medical service assessment body in order to increase supervision of a range of medical services and devices, according to a health department document issued Oct. 28.

The new body, to be named the Zhejiang Provincial Medical Quality Control and Appraisal Office, will be affiliated with the academic exchange center. A team of industry experts will be assembled to provide the office with guidance.

The control and appraisal office will be responsible for drafting medical service standards and medical work flowcharts, hospital inspections, conducting surveys on medical services and carrying out training programs.

Four committees will be established within the office, with one designated with the task of effectively managing medical technology, while the others will be tasked with controlling of medical services, conducting appraisals of medical institutions, and provide feedback data on the quality of medical services.

The move is made in an attempt to promote the objective appraisal and supervision of medical services provided at hospitals in the province, the document said.

Both the control and appraisal office and its four committees will be established by the end of the year, according to the provincial health department.