29 Oct 2010 17:59

Tariff on gas transit through Yamal-Europa section foresees $7 mln in profit a year for EuroPol Gaz

WARSAW. Oct 29 (Interfax) - Gazprom and PGNiG have agreed on a tariff formulate for gas transit via the Polish section of the Yamal-Europa gas pipeline, a spokesperson for Gazprom Export told journalists.

He said that this tariff formula foresees obligatory annual profit totalling $7 million for EuroPol Gaz.

The spokesperson said that the tariff earlier had an ambiguous character. Now the tariff has its own formula.

In addition, the head of Gaz System, Yan Chadam, said that his company should become the operator of the Yamal-Europa section in November. The company should receive the necessary permission from Poland's regulatory bodies (the URE) in the coming days.

Alexander Medvedev, Gazprom's deputy CEO, said that the URE had yet to approval the tariff for the Yamal-Europa section. However, documents have been issued to EuroPol Gaz.